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Recruitment of development ambassadors
PLEN Cube Developer Model
Recruitment of development ambassadors
Application period
from September 1st, 2019 10:00 pm (JST)
to September 28th, 2019 1:00 am (JST)

PLEN Robotics will start an ambassador program to allow supporters, fans and anyone interested in becoming a development ambassador.
For each participating developer, we will lend a PLEN Cube User Application SDK free of charge for one year.
Developers can then freely develop their own programs, connect the PLEN Cube to various services and develop their own scenarios and the corresponding motions.
Please join the PLEN Cube Developer Ambassador Program!

Activity overview

Application period: from September 1st, 2019 10:00 pm (JST) to September 28th, 2019 1:00 am (JST)
Number of openings: 20 person (10 in Japan and 10 global)
Activity period: 1 year
・Develop three or more programs and present in tech communities
・Monthly activity report (online meeting)
Benefit 1: Free one year PLEN Cube Developer Model + SDK
Benefit 2: If a third party purchase PLEN Cube through the ambassador, PLEN Robotics will award commision to the ambassador.

Qualification and eligibility

・Experience in developing applications with Python or C++
・Able to provide an accessible URL (such as GitHub) showing their portfolio
・Belong to a technical community which can verify their affiliation
・Agree that the deliverables from the ambassador program can be made public by PLEN Robotics

Application method

1. Please prepare the following information in a format of your choice and submit them through the application form:
・Self introduction and description in the form of a resume of how the eligibility requirements are met
・A summary of services you want to make using PLEN Cube

2. Resumes will be reviewed and a video interview will be conducted if you pass the initial assessment

3. If you pass the video interview, you will become an ambassador candidate

4. After the application period is over, if the number of candidates exceeds the number of openings, additional screenings will be conducted for further selection

5. If you make it to this point, congratulations, you have become a PLEN Cube ambassador!

Ambassadors are supported by our engineers!

During your time as an ambassador, PLEN Robotics engineers will answer your questions regarding the development and provide technical support.
The details on how to share information, make activity reports, participate in events, will be discussed after ambassador selections. If you are interested, please apply first!

Become a PLEN Cube development ambassador and develop AI services!

Recruitment of development ambassadors


・In principle, the main copyright of the deliverable is accredited to the ambassador, but PLEN Robotics Inc. is also written as the work author
・Commercial use of PLEN Cube and SDK distributed under the ambassador system is prohibited
・Reverse engineering of PLEN Cube and SDK distributed under the ambassador system is strictly prohibited

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